As part of NTA’s light rail mega project, an underpass is planned for the eastern branch of the Green Line passing under the Israel Railway lines in the Yarkon Park area in Tel Aviv.


In order to reduce the impact on the operation of rail traffic, a rapid operation was planned to construct the underground crossing.


The design of the underpass utilized two prefabricated elements cast on site and hoisted into place. Each of the elements weighs over 450 tons, is about 7.5 meters high and 11 meters wide.
The operation was scheduled to be completed in less than 100 hours, not including the work on the existing rail lines. 12 hours was the time spent hoisting the elements into place.

Gash Bridge, Tunnel and Building Engineering Ltd. provided the construction engineering, detailed design. Hoisting on such a scale required a Special Heavy-Duty Crane. The planning carried out by Gash included the stages of execution, the transfer route and the site analysis.


The operation included the dismantling of the railway track and excavation of the underpass, demolishing temporary retaining walls, laying and compaction of base material, hoisting of the prefabricated elements, soil filling and reinstallation of the rail tracks – all this in under 100 hours.


Client: NTA Metropolitan Mass Transit System Ltd
Lead Designer: Tedem Civil Engineering Ltd
Project Management: Dana Engineering Ltd and Feuershtein-Gazit Engineers Ltd
Contractor: Y.Lehrer Ltd