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The China Railway Tunnel Group (CRTG) and Shikun & Binu
CRTG and Shikun & Binui

About the project

Design of a tunneling section between the drive shaft on Herzl Street through to the Ben Gurion station in Ramat Gan of approximately 5.7 km in length. The work included, among other things, design of the pair of tunnels executed by TBM, connecting tunnels executed by mining every 250 meters, testing of the tunnel’s impact on buildings along the route, preparation of Building Risk Assessment (BRA) reports as well as Building Condition Survey (BCS) reports, adjustments in station planning to be carried out by a pass of the TBM before execution of the stations (Tunnel Antecedent), planning the work control system by monitoring and determining limit values (Trigger Values), planning and establishing the elements required to perform the work of the TBM such as pushing frames, sinking pools, a conveyor, sealing rings, and other additional elements. 

Follow-up on the execution was also carried out as well as control of the monitoring results, providing ongoing advice to the contractor, preparing follow-up reports of the TBM’s progress, and other works.