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Moriah – The Jerusalem Development Co.

About the project

A project to connect the entrance to the city to the southern neighborhoods of Jerusalem on the Begin Road, which is a major traffic artery and includes bridges, retaining walls, shoring walls, an underpass, and acoustic walls.

The Ruppin Bridge is about 110 m in length, has upright pillars at a height of approximately 12 m above Highway 4 (Begin). 

The bridge is based on piles of small diameter, some of which had to be drilled into the slope of an earth spillway. In order to withstand earthquakes, the end columns were anchored with “deadman anchors”, tensile beams and an embedded wall to achieve a passive force beyond the flow path of the earth spillway.

The acoustic roofing is a combination of a supporting wall and an acoustic wall with an option in certain sections for full roofing in the future above Highway 4 (Begin). The structure consists of a 4 m wide repetitive section, and incorporates two columns cast on site, precast beams that have an overhang of about 5.5 m above the road. Between the beams there are prefabricated panels for support on the one side and concrete arches serving as an acoustic barrier on the other side. The solution was found to be particularly economical and integrates special architecture.