NTA Metropolitan Mass Transit System Ltd.
CRTG, EEB Partenrship
CRTG, EEB Partenrship

About the project

Structure & tunnel design: Gash Bridge, Tunnel and Building Engineering Ltd.

Stretching from Petach Tikva to Holon, the Red Line Light Rail Train (LRT) will connect several major metropolitan areas including Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan.

Chamber 5-8, located south of the Em-Hamoshavot station, is at the junction between three tunnels.

The design of Chamber 5-8 presented many challenges. Due to geometrical limitations, one of the tunnels would intersect the chamber at a very sharp angle in the middle of a load-bearing wall supporting Highway 4 above.

The safe excavation of the tube included multiple stages such as soil grouting in multiple injections, creating an initial small opening in the existing wall to allow the passage of workers and equipment, excavating and installing reinforcement from the inside. Only then coulda larger opening in the load-bearing wall be created in order to remove the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) and finally construct the tube.