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About the project

Alexander River Bridge is a three span U-beam girder bridge with a middle span stretching the exceptional length of 55.0 meters.

In the spring of 2023, midspan girders were erected at the Alexander River bridges as part of the Highway 2 expansion project.

The girders were erected utilizing two LTM1500 heavy-duty cranes positioned on the previously constructed bridge deck sections on opposite banks of the river.

The scale of this operation is claimed to be a first in Israel with the 90 ton girders being lifted into place with a maximum lever arm of 30 meters and switching of grip between the two cranes in midair.

The girders were laid on 14 meter long cantilevers to create a main span of 55 meters as part of the spliced-girder method using temporary steel hangers prestressed to the lifted girders.

The operation extended over three days during which the 10 midspan girders were lifted successfully into place, thus completing the midspan and connecting between the south and north banks of the Alexander River.

The remaining operations for completion of the bridges include the supplementary prestressing of the superstructure, casting of the midspan deck and installation of barriers and expansion joints.