Using the accessibility component:

The enable accessibility plugin is embedded on this website, which helps make the website accessible to people with disabilities.

Menu user guide:

The site adjustment button and site tags for assistive devices and technologies for people with disabilities

Button to enable navigation using the keyboard keys between the links on the site

The button to disable the flickering and/or moving elements on the screen

Black and white monochrome mode enable button for the color blind

sepia button (brown tone)

High contrast toggle button

Black and yellow button

Color invert button

A button that clearly highlights all the title tags that appear on the site

A button that clearly highlights all the links that appear on the site

A button that displays the alternative description of all the images that appear on the website on mouseover

A button that displays a permanent description of the photos on the site

A button to cancel using a legible font

Button to increase the font size on the site

The button to reduce the size of the fonts on the site

Button to increase the entire display to about 200%

button to reduce the entire display to about 70%

Mouse cursor increase button

Button to increase the mouse cursor and change its color to black

Site reading mode button

A button that displays the accessibility statement

A reset button that cancels accessibility

Send accessibility feedback button

Button to change the language of the bar and the accessibility statement accordingly

The accessibility bar has 2 types of magnification for your convenience, but if you want to enlarge the letters even more, you can use the following keyboard functions:

The Esc key will open and close the accessibility bar

The Ctrl + key will enlarge the text on the site

Ctrl key – will reduce the text on the site

The Ctrl 0 key will return the site to its original size

Space key (SPACE) will take the site down.

The F11 key will enlarge the screen to full size – another press will reduce it back.

Contact the accessibility coordinator
If while browsing the site you encountered a certain difficulty regarding accessibility, we will be happy to be at your service and receive feedback from you through a variety of channels.

Details of the accessibility coordinator in the company
mail adress:
Mailing address: