Road 471 - Macabit Tunnel

Structure Type: Cut & Cover Tunnel, Tie-back Walls and more
Client: Shapir Israel Ltd. - Engineering, Development, Industries
Cost: 40 Million IS (about 10 Million Dollar)
A new east-west expressway is constructed between the main north-south highways 4 & 6. As part of the first phase, Gash designed for the contractor alternatives for 400 m long tunnel and for high tie-back walls.
Detailed design emphasized on decrease of cost and ease of construction without concession of relevant standards and the specification requirements.
Cut & Cover Tunnel

400 m tunnel was constructed at Kiryat-Ono section where the highway crosses under an existent internal road. The width of the tunnel is varying from 40 m to 46 meters divided to 2 un-symmetric spans with maximal span that reaches 27 m.
Construction was top-down where slurry walls are used at both sides of the tunnel and the top slab is 90-100 cm thick cast in place on existing soil. After the completion of post tensioning of the top slab, the internal void was excavated and the bottom level was constructed.