"Pkak" Bridge HighwayBridge over "Jordan" river

Structure Type: Steel girders bridge with concrete deck
Client: Israel Ministry of Transport, Public Work Department (Israel) - PWD (Ma´atz)
The"Pkak"  bridgeis located in the Jordan River valley, at the foot of the Golan Heights.
Over the bridge crosses a local road 918, which runs across the Jordan River, where it turns north and follows the foot of the Golan Heights towards Kibbutz Gonen. 2 km northwest of the bridge is the village of Chula.
The name refers to the bridge of the surrounding terrain (pkak Hebrew word means "plug"). It was a place at the outlet of the Jordan River valley, where lay the gorge of the harder basalt rocks, which closed the valley from the south. In 1957 the "Pkak" was opened and a small military Bailey Bridgewas built.
In 2007 the bridge was closed because of a technical condition. In a matter of a few months, promised the establishment of a temporary bridge while construction of a completely new bridge. In July 2008 a newsteel structure bridge was officially opened, but the bridge still allowed only one way of traffic.

The new "Pkak" bridge was designed to improve the following aspects:
  1. Replacing a 4.5 meters width bridge with 2 separate bridges, each one 7 m width.
  2. Adding pedestrian pavement along the bridges.
  3. Raising the bridge deck comparing to the existing one. This allows cruising in the Jordan River and periodic maintenance works.
  4. Traffic and safety improvements in the bridge area.
  5. Rearranging of the Jordan River route near the bridge.
  6. RearrangingDrainageSystems and utilities.

The new bridge consists of two 7.0 meters width bridges, 52 meters long.
Each bridge has two steel girders with an I section, 2.5 meters high. The bridge deck is a concrete plate with a various height of 20-30 cm.