Jerusalem, Regional Highway No. 4, Begin Road

Structure Type: Jerusalem, Regional Highway No. 4, Begin Road
Client: MORIA, Company for Jerusalem Development Ltd.
Cost: Jerusalem, Regional Highway No. 4, Begin Road
Detail list of the designs made by the company in this project 

Hamaar Bridge with unique geometry.
The main bridge, crossing over highway No.4, is 35 m. long.
The connecting structures contain 5 ramp bridges and two pedestrian bridges which are separate units with expansion joints among them.

RupinBridge 110m long with slender central piers, 12m high, crossing Highway No.4.

Underground passage serving the hotel complex, near Hamaar Bridge.

Two pedestrian bridges 40m span, complicated construction method due to transportation restrictions.

Semi-Roofing Structure retaining walls combined with acoustic barriers, with the option for future expansion to full roofing over road No. 4, in several sections.  The structure has a basic 4-meter long module.  Each typical module consists of two cast-in-situ piers precast cantilever girder protruding 5.5 m. over road No. 4; precast concrete panels between piers, up to 7.5 m. for soil retaining and precast, as well as concrete arches between girders as acoustic barrier.

Retaining walls in various types:  reinforced concrete walls, gravity walls and acoustic barriers.