"Boho" Bridge - Railway Bridge over "Boho" stream

Structure Type: Post tensioned girders bridge
Client: Israel railways
As part of the new railway line between "YadMordechay" and "Netivot",
a bridge over the "Boho" stream has to be built in order to preserve the sensitive environment.
"Boho" Bridge is located next to Netivot settlement at the north area of the Negev in Israel. 
The Bridge has 8 spans of 32.5 meters each, consisting 5 piers which are monolithic connected to the superstructure of the bridge, 2 piers which has an expansion joint and two abutments at the ends of the bridge. 
The height of the piers is between 12 to 21 meters, with a hollow circle cross section 4.0 diameter.
The bridge is 260 meters long and 12 meters wide.

The superstructure includes two precast girders with 2.2 meters height and a concrete slab with 28-34cm thickness. On the bridge there are two tracks without expansion devices near the bridge (CWR).