Jerusalem, Regional Highway No. 1 North - Bridge

Structure Type: Bridges
Client: Moria, The Jerusalem Development Company Ltd
Road #1, North Jerusalem is connecting Jerusalem with its north neighborhoods Pisgat-Zeev and Neve-Yakov. As part of this project Gash engineers designed a set of 5 bridges and other structures listed here 
  • Bridge No. 1 – 25 meters height and 270 meters Length (Detailed below)
  • Bridge No. 2 – located at the 1-12 junction, 65 meters long.
  • Western Ramp Bridge – 120 meters long.
  • Eastern Ramp Bridge – 85 meters long.
  • Bridge No. 3 – 80 meters long.
  • Underground Passage.
  • Retaining Walls – of various types.
  • Culverts, Ditches, Drainage facilities.
  • Sign gantries and Acoustic Barriers.
Bridge No. 1 – Pair of 2 Bridges
Bridge 1 is composed of a pair of adjacent bridges constructed in 2 steps about 25 meters over the valley. Each 8 spans bridge serves one way double lane highway with full margins.
The substructure is founded on micro piles drilled by the percussion drilling method into a rock layer common to this area.

The length of each bridge is about 270 meters, with 6 inner spans of 36 m and four expansion joints. 

The superstructure is consisted of trapezoid channel girders that are constructed differently at each bridge; at the first bridge, the segments above the piers were tied back to the piers in order to gain stability and to be next used as a support for the middle segments that were placed between them. Last, post tension was used to assemble all the segments to the final continues bridge.
The second step’s bridge could be constructed from the first step bridge and therefore a simple structure was used when a whole span girders were placed between the piers and then tied back to the piers.