Highway 431

Structure Type: Bridges, Walls, Culverts and more
Client: Dania Cebus
Highway 431, is a suburban freeway, currently under construction in the south of the Tel Aviv Metropolitan area of Israel. The freeway will connect the Ayalon Highway in the west with Highway 1 in the east. The freeway will then continue east into Modi'in as a local road.
Anabe Interchange - 7 Bridges

Gash designed 7 bridges and other structures listed below for this project. All of the bridges are located at Anabe interchange connecting highway 431 with Highway 1;

All of the bridge’s superstructure are composed of prefabricated channel girders and toped with cast-in-situ concrete pavement. Spans varying from 21 meters length with 1.2 meters girders to 32 meters length span with 1.8 meters girders.