Poleg Bridge - National Highway No. 2

Structure Type: Segmental cast-in-place Launching bridge
Client: Israel Ministry of Transport, Public Work Department (Israel) - PWD (Ma´atz)
Road #2, or the shore highway, one of the busiest main routes in Israel is crossing Poleg brook between Wingate Institute and Ramat-Poleg interchange. At this location a set of two bridges located low above ground level, were designed to overcome a problem of soil erosion under the road pavement.

Because of traffic and the lack of construction area, a launching system was chosen as a construction method, where the segments are cast at the launching area and then launched, step by step, to there final position.
The total length of the bridge is 243m with typical span of 21 m.

Each bridge is constructed of 3 adjacent 1.15 m height girders, which are cast and launched separately. When in final position, the intermediate gap is closed by a completion casting to form 2 bridges of 22 m wide slab/pavement.

As part of this project, Gash designed also a 20 meters arc shaped farmer bridge, culverts and acoustic walls.

The uni-span farmer bridge is 20 meters long and it crossing over poleg creak east to the main bridge. similar to the main bridge it is following a curved path low over ground level.
Substructure - long piles to overcome displacements problem,
Superstructure - cast-in-place pre-stressed concrete box girders with a whole cross section and width of 5.7 meters.