Ganot Interchange

Structure Type: 5 Bridges, Acoustic barriers and culverts
Client: Israel Ministry of Transport, Public Work Department (Israel) - PWD (Ma´atz)
Ganot Interchange connects two of the main highways in the center of Israel; highway #1 leading to Jerusalem and highway #4 crossing lengthwise Israel .
Gash engineers designed the construction for all the structures in this interchange including 5 bridges, acoustic walls, culverts, channels and sigh gantries.
Bridge No. 6

This bridge used to be the longest one in Israel for a long period. The bridge is located at the third level over national highway #1 and over national highway #4 at a horizontal radius of 180 meters. The span over highway #1 is 38 meters and the maximum span is 64 meters.
Superstructure – AASHTO IV girders. A tailored girder with varying height was integrated to overcome the negative moments. We believe that this bridge's design expresses the maximum ability of pre-stressed girders to overcome long spans.

A trial loading that was done prior to allowing traffic over the bridge, found that there is a correlation between deflection in practice and theoretical deflection.