Interaction Examination of Ramot Bridge

Structure Type: Girders Bridge
Client: Israel Railways
The report examines the interaction effects on the superstructure of the bridge, the bearings and the rails, according to Eurocode 1 : Action on Structures – Part 2.
The examination is considering various forces acting on bridge;  Such as braking and traction forces, temperature change on the bridge girders and on the tracks, behavior of prestressed girders due to creep and shrinkage and more. 

Bridge Description
Ramot Bridge is located at Ramot neighborhood in Beer Sheva, Israel.
The Bridge has two spans of 27.5 m each and 20 m width, the middle pier is monolitic connected to the superstructure of the bridge and two abutments reaching 4 meters height acting as simple supports.

The superstruture includes 7 precast girders of 180 cm height and a concrete slab of 27cm thick. Ballast of 75 cm is located above with three tracks that do not have expansion devices near the bridge (CWR).

The conclution of the report indicates that the design criteria according to Eurocode 1 : Action on Structures – Part 2 is fulfilled.