348 Road, Tiberias

Structure Type: Retaining walls of all kinds
Client: Israel Ministry of Transport, Public Work Department (Israel) - PWD (Ma´atz)
Preliminary design for this project included a long bridge designed over a gliding area in which the Talus top layer is sliding down toward lake Kineret. Later on and as a result of the geologist Uzi Zaltzman's work in this area, the gliding area was limited to 200 m and a set of about 6,000 sq.m walls and slopes along most of the road was determined.

The guiding assumption of the detail design of walls in the gliding area was that sliding of the Talus at the front of the wall will surely occur and therefore the analysis considered both the height of the Talus layer underground reaching 9.5m and the height of the road embankment raising up to 8m as the full height of the wall. The Talus layer was supported and embedded by tie back wall and the top road embankment was built as a reinforced soil retaining wall. The highest section located at the center of the gliding layer reachss a total height of about 16.5 meter.

Detail design for the walls outside of the gliding area included gravity walls, reinforced soil retaining walls or soil nailing walls where private property could not be invaded.