Romania - Reinforced Soil Retaining Wall

Structure Type: Reinforced Soil Retaining Wall and Gabion Gravity Walls by the River
Client: Shapir Israel Ltd. - Engineering, Development, Industries
DN 17 Road is located along the southwest bank of the Bistrita Ardeleana River and the Straja valley in Transylvania of the northern part of Romania. In this project a widening of rural road in a mountain area to 2 lanes was done requiring long walls at both sides of the road. 
The incidence of retaining walls is about 30,000 sqm, some supporting roadway while others support soil slopes.

As a result of the proximity to the river bank the walls on its side were designed to overcome water current and scour at its base.

For construction comfort reasons, the use of gabions as a primer construction element was selected; the low height walls are gabions gravity walls and the higher walls are reinforced soil retaining walls with gabions façade.